Monday, July 1, 2013

Can you guess what I'm working at?

What a busy busy week!

Last week's been really busy, I couldn't find the time to blog... the few spare time I found I used for tatting a bit! I have some ongoing projects, almost finished. Hope I'll be able to show you something by tomorrow!
In the meanwhile, following all the posts talking about Google Reader closure, I switched all my favorites blog to Bloglovin, so you will find the Bloglovin button on the sidebar on the right to follow me there! I was worried to loose my favorite blog list, anyway, I can still see all my favorite blogs list on by blogger space... maybe I didn't understand very well what was going to happen!

By the way, I discovered Bloglovin and I have to say that it's a pretty nice service, I like receiving a daily e-mail with all the new posts of the blogs I follow, so that I can read them also from my mobile when I'm traveling or somewhere else than home!
So welcome Bloglovin!

I don't want to end up the post with no tatting showed, so I'll show you a work in progress, hope you'll like it! This is the Robin pattern from Jane Eborall's blog, you can find the link to her wonderful animal patterns here! The Robin is finished, just need to hide ends, I say work in progress because it's part of a bigger project (as the butterflies I showed you here).

Of course, the project id for my baby Giorgia... can you guess what I'm working at? More clues on upcoming posts... Who knows, it can become a giveaway quiz???

Now it's time to ask for help: I'd like to try some tatting with a metallic thread, do you have any suggestion on which to use and where to buy (online shop would be better, in Europe will be the best)? Thanks in advance to anybody who can find a minute to help me :)

I really hope this week will be a good one for handcraft, but sun is shining now, the beach is calling me! Have a nice monday!