Sunday, July 7, 2013

What a productive Sunday... and what a struggle!

What a productive and happy Sunday!

Today I really put myself to the test, both in tatting and in blogging... I'm really tired now! But I succeeded! Do you think it's bad to say that I'm proud of myself? Hope not!

Concerning blogging stuff, it took me almost one hour but in the end I could add the Pinterest Widget to my blog page! Not easy for someone like me who doesn't understand anything about computer language, but not even an impossible challenge if following the Code it pretty instructions! I need to thank Rhondda Mol' post who shared this info!

And concerning tatting, I've been since yesterday evening trying to realize my first split chain, and I've finally done it! Never had problems with split rings, but the split chain has always been dreadful to me, I've always stepped away from pattern where you had to do it. Now I can say I master it (more or less), cannot show you because the piece is not yet ready... but it's been a great thing to me!

I only have a very small and quick tatting work to show today, a pair of earring, I remember I've seen the pattern on the internet but I didn't save it, I tatted it by memory, so forgive me if I can't give credits! If anybody knows who they're from, please let me know and I will add the link back to the pattern!

Have a nice Sunday afternoon!