Saturday, August 17, 2013

How do you use thread leftovers? Earrings of course!

I really hate wasting thread, and throw it away, mostly if it's good and not so cheap thread!
That's why I like the patterns where you have an overall indication of how much thread you will need to tat the pattern! But even when you have the indication, we don't have all the same hand and tension... and if there's something I hate even more is to get close to finish a tatting piece and be left with no thread... so I always wound a bit more to avoid attaching new thread during the work!
The consequence? A lot of small leftovers, wounded on the shuttles :-(

I'm sure at all tatters happens the same (if not please explain me how do you do!!!), so what we just need are very small tatting things to use them. What do you do with your leftovers?
I often tat small flowers, hoping I will find them a place one day!

This time, I decided for another pair of earrings, to finish all my Lizbeth thread leftovers, adding some coordinated seed beads.

Not a new pattern, you've already seen it here. I don't know where I first saw the pattern, or who is the designer, if you know please tell me so that I can give credits :)

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