Thursday, July 11, 2013

Working on my first tatted jewelry design!

Today I tried to face my greatest tatting challenge: design my first tatting pattern!

It's been a long time I desired to design a pattern for some tatted jewelry, but each time I had the time to relax and think about it, I didn't have the inspiration, and each time I felt I had the inspiration I didn't have the time to work on that! How many times did it happen to you as well? It's the hard fate of craft designers, isn't it?

By the way, this afternoon I finally made some little steps on the designers' path! I was browsing once again in the DMC Library Tatting book, and my attention has been raped by #16 medallion. I don't know how, but in few minute I was frantically drawing rings and chains with a pen on my moleskine notebook. And somehow a small piece of that medallion, with new connections, a little bit of asymmetry and few beads turned out into a bracelet and earrings parure!

I haven't tried to tat it yet... so I'm pretty sure I will have to change more than once the stitch counting...

And what is worse, is that I have absolutely no clue on how to transfer my "handy" drawing in a smart tatting diagram... There must be some software... need to research a bit, hoping to find something enough user-friendly to me.

At least I've already decided thread color and beads I will be using for the first test... let's see how it works... wish me good luck!