Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some steps forward on my first design

Still working on my first design... this weekend has been a beautiful one with all the family to the seaside, that means beach, sun, sea, ice creams and barbecue... but only little bit of time left for tatting and therefore testing my design! But I'll show you that little bit of progress I made on the bracelet:

Here there's the first two motifs in Lizbeth #20 Ecru with wood beads of 8mm... and this has been the issue: the pattern would work better with smaller beads, I guess 6mm should be fine.

But in my mind I had seen this pattern tatted in ecru thread and wood beads, and I only had home 8mm beads.. so to fit them I changed a little bit the stitch counting.

By the way, the pattern is customizable depending on the bead size you use, just need a change in number of ds in the chain over the bead. In the paper design the chain had 4 picots indeed... here in the picture you can see there are 6!

What do you think about it? I'd love to hear you sincere opinion!

Hope I'll be able to show it completed, and maybe even in some other colors and beads size!
Please be patient :)

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