Thursday, July 4, 2013

A new gift for a friend: Yarnplayer Vision necklace

Happy thursday!

 Today we wake up with rain outside, but now the sun is shining again! so for the afternoon I'm planning to go to a yarn shop in a small city not far from here, hope I won't spend too much, I think you know how it goes every time!

What I'm showing you today is my version of the wonderful Vision necklace, designed by Yarnplayer, you can find her amazing free pattern here!

I tatted this one for a friend of mine, but I really hope I will find the time to tat more of this necklaces, for other friends and maybe for myself, because I find this pattern just amazing! 

The instructions are easy to follow, and I think it's a very versatile one, changing thread's color and beads' shape or size you can have very different results and different styles! 

I decided to use small stones instead of simple beads, 'cause I wanted to realize a special and a bit precious gift, so I used onyx (in two different sizes) and rough ruby, I feel they fit well with the design!

In the work-in-progress picture maybe the details are a little bit more clear, that's why I upload that one as well!I really recommend this pattern though, thanks Yarnplayer to sharing it!

Two big news today for a great thursday for a newbie blogger like me:

  1. I found an e-mail from InTatters that says my membership request has been approved! very glad of it, can't wait to join the other tatters community (if only the day had 48 hours...)!
  2. My husband is coming to the seaside this evening from Milan, and he is bringing with him a very special gift just arrived via mail from Poland, sent me by a new friend found blogging... It's a little bear from Mulinowe Misie... But I can't tell you more, I haven't met my little bear yet! I'm so happy that I want to dedicate one entire post to the first gift I received as a crafter! So be patient, I'll keep you posted!!!
I've been too long already, I will tell you my other news in the next days!