Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dolphins' family completed!

I don't have really much to show... except for the dolphins' family completed!
Now the group of three is ready to be sewn on baby sheets... I think I will add some embroidered waves and some water squirts! 

Concerning threads, the darkest one is in Lizbeth #20, while the two lighter ones are in MFM #20, Italian "Cordonetto" thread. I can say I really enjoyed tatting with this new thread, it's a little bit less twisted than lizbeth but not enough to affect the tatting joy! So, for italian tatters, if you find it buy it, I'll always be in love with Lizbeth but this is a good alternative and a big saving!

Jane Eborall's Dolphin Free Pattern
And now... my hands are finally free to work on my first jewelry pattern! Can't stay with you one minute more... I need to start the stitch count checking!

Have a nice crafting day!