Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dolphins for my soon-to-be-born nephew

Today I completed a little dolphin for my sister-in-law incoming baby. It's the first of a group of three, in two different tones of blue, that are supposed to be sewed on a baby bedding sheets set, let's see it when it will be finished!

The pattern of course is a free one from Jane Eborall's blog, I just adore working on her animal patterns, they're absolutely perfect for babies' birth equipment!

As I was giving a hint on a previous post, to follow the pattern I had to face my first split chain! The pattern contains two split chain (they're optional, but the dolphin looks better with than without, go and see it here to visualize the difference), being my first try the first one was a mess, the second one was almost right!

If you look at the picture it really contains plenty of mistakes - what a pity... what was I thinking about while tatting? But if you don't know the pattern the overall impact is not that bad... I think I will keep it and not trow it away in the end!

I will tat the other two dolphins with a new thread I bought yesterday, from a brand I've never tried called MFM, made in Italy... there are a lot of nice colors! I only bought two balls so far, I want to see how it works first!