Sunday, June 23, 2013

A tatted pendant... just for me!

Hi all!
even today I'm taking advantage of my baby's nap! She so cute when she's sleeping... I could spend hours staring at her!
I did'n think that starting blogging was so demanding in terms of time to dedicate... I really don't have so much time, and blogging means less time for crafting!!! But I will hold tight, I definitively and strongly desire to have my little sharing space, and really hope you can enjoy it with me!

What I'll show you here today is a tatting piece again from Jon Yusoff book "Tatting with rings".

I decided to use it as a pendant, I love it so much that I decided to keep it for myself.

You know what?

All jewelry I tatted so far became a gift for friends and relatives, I've never kept anything for myself... but this one I will keep!

But I have to confess... I've already made another one, exactly alike, for my sister-in-law!

Here is the "packaged version"... any suggestion for a different string?

Hope you all have a nice sunday, mine will continue on the beach with my daughter... cannot say relaxing but fun for sure!